How to find a Zip Code

Finding the postal codes you need for your post is as simple as few clicks. First select your country of choice to be taken to a list of the administrative divisions of that country. Then select the area where you are trying to send your letter for a list of the available zip codes for that area.

Not sure of the country or the administrative division to choose? Or your country/region is missing in the list? Try entering the address into the search at the top of the page to lookup the right code to use. Also available, try using our country map to find your needed zip/postal code.

What is a ZIP Code and how do they work?

ZIP Codes are 5-digit numbers developed by the United States Postal Service to represent individual post offices across the United States. A ZIP Code is just the name of the postal code system for the United States. Like the US, most countries have their own postal code system names. For example, India calls their system ‘Postal Index Numbers’. The Czech Republic calls their system ‘Postal Routing Numbers’. So, when you hear ‘ZIP Code’ think ‘United States’

There are three main parts of the 5-digit ZIP Code—the national area, the region or city, and the delivery area. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has segmented the country into 10 ZIP Code areas. Starting in the northeast, they are numbered 0-9.

CityCountyZip/Postal Code
HinsdaleBerkshire County MA01235
HousatonicBerkshire County MA01236
LanesboroBerkshire County MA01237
LeeBerkshire County MA01238
LenoxBerkshire County MA01240
Lenox DaleBerkshire County MA01242
MiddlefieldHampshire County MA01243
Mill RiverBerkshire County MA01244
MontereyBerkshire County MA01245
North AdamsBerkshire County MA01247
North EgremontBerkshire County MA01252
OtisBerkshire County MA01253
RichmondBerkshire County MA01254
SandisfieldBerkshire County MA01255
SavoyBerkshire County MA01256
SheffieldBerkshire County MA01257
South EgremontBerkshire County MA01258
SouthfieldBerkshire County MA01259
South LeeBerkshire County MA01260
StockbridgeBerkshire County MA01262
StockbridgeBerkshire County MA01263
TyringhamBerkshire County MA01264
West StockbridgeBerkshire County MA01266
WilliamstownBerkshire County MA01267
WindsorBerkshire County MA01270
GreenfieldFranklin County MA01301
GreenfieldFranklin County MA01302
AshfieldFranklin County MA01330
AtholWorcester County MA01331
BernardstonFranklin County MA01337
BucklandFranklin County MA01338
CharlemontFranklin County MA01339
ColrainFranklin County MA01340
ConwayFranklin County MA01341
DeerfieldFranklin County MA01342
DruryBerkshire County MA01343
ErvingFranklin County MA01344
HeathFranklin County MA01346
Lake PleasantFranklin County MA01347
Millers FallsFranklin County MA01349
Monroe BridgeFranklin County MA01350
MontagueFranklin County MA01351
GillFranklin County MA01354
New SalemFranklin County MA01355
NorthfieldFranklin County MA01360
OrangeFranklin County MA01364
PetershamWorcester County MA01366
RoweFranklin County MA01367
RoyalstonWorcester County MA01368
Shelburne FallsFranklin County MA01370
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